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7-Eleven Electrify With EV Fast Chargers Throughout North America

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7-Eleven has been doing everything they could to bring up about 500 new electric vehicle charging stations. And in some cases, there will be about 250 of them all around the place. The places being North America. Upwards from 22 charging stations. This is very certainly an improvement for the United States. The fast chargers are an effort from 7-Eleven to improve on reduction of carbon emissions by 50 percent for the year 2030/ Furthermore, it may come as no surprise that this gives potential ev buyers some range anxiety.

The CEO and President of 7-Eleven, Joe DePinto, had this to say. “Adding 500 charging ports at 250 7‑Eleven stores will make EV charging more convenient and help accelerate broader adoption of EVs and alternative fuels. We are committed to the communities we serve and to working toward a more sustainable future.”

7-Eleven Goes Above and Beyond

Furthermore, 7-Eleven is doubling down. The original promise that was conceived had been a 20% reduction of CO2 Stores from stores by 20%. Isn’t that incredible? Unbelievable? Outstanding?!

7-Eleven happens to be able to improve their sustainability with the promise of finding renewable special idea.

You almost wonder if this type of resolve is really what 7-Eleven is trying to go for it or if it’s all for show. This is all somewhat a pity.

DePinto had this to say, regarding the convenience store/gas station chain. “7‑Eleven’s legacy is bringing convenience to the customer, and that continues to evolve – from ice on a dock in 1927 to electricity for your car today.”

This certainly makes me want to buy an electric vehicle if it means I can feel electrically connect with my vehicle. I want to feel connected to the road in a way. As if to say that 7-Eleven is my destined go-to quick stop. Wouldn’t you want to feed your car some of that healthy electricity?