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Anti-LGBTQ Bills are bad for Business, Employers say

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Anti-LGBTQ bills are making their way through the state legislature. Many large employers, including American Airlines, are taking a stance. This is against these bills that are making their way through the state legislature.

Anti-LGBTQ Bills has a Negative Impacts

Moreover, the Forth Worth businesses said the legislation could, in fact, impact efforts to draw in and retain talent and compete for business. Therefore, there are other signees include Amazon, Apple, Dell Technologies, Facebook, Microsoft, and the North Texas LGBT Chamber of Commerce.

Anti-LGBTQ: Unnecessary, Divisive Measures

“We are, in fact, very concerned to see an uptick of efforts to exclude transgender youth from full participation in their communities. Also, to criminalize or ban best-practice medical care that is positively proven to save lives, or to exclude LGBTQ people in a variety of other settings. Moreover, to include accessing healthcare, filling a prescription, or seeking legal representation,” open letter on Monday reads. “We will continue to oppose any unnecessary, divisive measures that would, in fact, damage Texas’ reputation. Thus, moreover, make our customers, our visitors, and our employees and their families feel unwelcome or unsafe.”

Senate Bill 29

The controversial bill that is now being considered by lawmakers is Senate Bill 29. This would, in fact, bar transgender student-athletes from competing on a team based on their gender identity. In fact, instead, requiring they play on a team based on their sex that is, in fact, assigned at birth. In fact, the measure passed out of the Senate last week. Moreover, it is now in the House for consideration.

Currently, there are lawmakers that are also taking up proposals that would prohibit doctors from performing a range of gender-affirming surgeries and treatments for children.

Discriminatory Bills

Tarnishing Texas’ welcoming brand are these discriminatory bills. In fact, they will have a long lasting negative effect to our economy. More importantly, to our fellow Texans,” said Gary Sanchez, chairman of the North Texas LGBT Chamber of Commerce during a Monday news conference.