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Aston Martin DB5: The Ultimate Bond Car

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The Aston Martin DB5 is one of the most iconic cars in film history. Where other films like the Fast and The Furious franchise feature a multitude of amazing cars, the James Bond films found a car that would go on to juxtapose perfectly with the sleek style for a 007 agent.

Goldfinger (1964)

This was the first time the Aston Martin DB5 was used. The DB5 would, from then on, become the most used car in the Bond franchise. It was compact but carried with it some of the best handling and acceleration in film history. It would be loaded with the sickest gadgets including smoke screen, raised a bulletproof shield, bumper extenders and a front-mounted gun hidden behind the headlight. The perfect car to accompany Sean Connery’s, James Bond

Thunderball (1965)

The DB5 only appeared in the opening sequence. James Bond is being pursued by “Bad-Guy Number 1” which upon ending the chase, the scene is followed by the titular introduction of every Bond film.

On Her Majesty’s Secret Service

The car was seen in just four scenes, including the pre-credits teaser and as James and Tracy’s wedding car. Nothing is understood about what quite gadgets were installed, except that it had a topographic point for a precision rifle within the glovebox. Obviously — given what happens at the top of that movie — it had been not fitted with bulletproof glass. The DBS is glimpsed within the subsequent film, Diamonds Are Forever, parked up in Q Branch back in London when Bond calls Q from Amsterdam. The car was actually cropped out of the frame on the “pan-and-scan version” of the film.

Pierce Brosnan Films

The DB5 was used in the three consecutive James Bond films. Although relative unchanged in what gadgets were provided, the last film in the three Die Another Day, featured rockets. The first film featured an awesome race against a Ferrari.

Daniel Craig Films: Aston Martin DB5

Featured within the second Casino Royale. No special gadget was visible on the DBS aside from the key compartments which housed Bond’s Walther P99, and an emergency medkit which incorporates components of an emergency medical link to MI6 HQ, antidotes to varied poisons and a little defibrillator. The DBS is rolled and destroyed during a high pursuit car chase where 007 swerves to avoid a tied-up Vesper Lynd within the middle of the road. The DB5 is owned by a gambling villain within the Bahamas, which Bond acquires during a poker. it’s no special modifications.