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Automation is Coming to Dallas Fort Worth

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Dallas Fort Worth plans to create driver assistance, parking assistance, and fully self-driving solutions around Dallas Fort Worth
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Dallas Fort Worth is about to undergo a massive endeavor. The Regional Transportation Council of North Central Texas Council of Governments made the decision. They are going to pump $30 million into creating the largest automated ecosystem in the country. It’s a big deal, with 9 projects in total. They plan to break ground in 2023, with some big changes coming to the community.

The plans are to create driver assistance, parking assistance, and fully self-driving solutions around Dallas Fort Worth. $30 million sounds like a lot, but experts see a population increase coming to Dallas Fort Worth. An estimated 11.2 million residents could be moving to the area. If nothing they do nothing, there could be an estimated $47.9 billion in lost revenue due to traffic increases.

Where are they going?

Projects are to roll out automation in seven new areas. Dallas College, Paul Quinn College, Dallas Fort Worth International Airport, Fort Worth, Arlington, Richardson, McKinney, and Dallas all have plans for development. If these plans are successful, more locations will follow.

Depending on the area, these projects can vary. Some locations can expect automated buses and shuttle services. Others will have delivery robots for certain goods and other services, including parking systems. The details are still pending.

Some information that has come to light includes self driving cars in McKinney. These automated vehicles will deliver medical supplies to residents in rural areas. This is similar to what the University of Texas uses to deliver food to students.

Automation Plans Help Dallas Fort Worth Residents

Another plan has already partnered with Dallas Area Rapid Transit. They have committed their Love Link Route to an automated transit service. This service will travel the 4 miles between Dallas Love Field Airport and Inwood Love Field Station.

Research and development for these projects is underway, and residents will see an immediate benefit. The most important thing for maintaining automotive vehicles is maintaining infrastructure. Residents can expect updated roads and buildings. Smooth roads and clearly marked signs are a necessity for automated vehicles. This will also help the average driver.

Dallas Fort Worth is on the cusp of a huge resurgence. If these projects prove successful, the council plans to expand, but this isn’t anything new for Dallas Fort Worth. Self-driving freight trucks are already a reality. After expansion, even more services will make our lives better and our roads easier to navigate.

For now, fully automated vehicles don’t travel long distances. If you need to transport your vehicle across state lines or across the country, contact Fort Worth Auto Transport to get a quote today!