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Bartenders Face Tension due to Mask Ordinance in Doing Business

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Bartenders have big issues and challenges during the COVID-19 pandemic. The bar industry, in particular, has gone through a number of lows much more than highs. It has been far from a smooth ride for those working in the industry to get back behind the bar. Truly, the shutdown has not been easy to say the least.

Bartenders Have to Adjust and Constantly Re-Adjust Based on the Demands of the Pandemic

For those working in the industry getting back behind the bar after the shutdown has not been a smooth ride. Also, there are everchanging rules, causing conflicts with some patrons.

One of the biggest issues for bartenders is enforcing the mask mandates inside the building. There are additional stressors on top of the other responsibilities that already come with this job.

Worrying Concerns about Patrons

Forth Worth mixologist Velton Hayworth expressed, in a nutshell, it was exhausting. He wanted to make sure guests aren’t leaving and endangering the general public, making sure our guests feel safe, Hayworth said.

The Mask Mandate not Created by Bartenders

Patrons need to understand enforcing the mask mandate is not a rule bartenders came up with on their own.

Taking COVID-19 Seriously Regardless of Party Affiliation and More

Therefore, it does not matter if you are a Democrat or Republication. Or if you believe COVID-19 is real or not. In addition, if you feel your rights are being violated and if you believe in the tooth fairy. A lot of people take it personally when you come in our establishment. Our U.S. government officials have passed a law requiring you to wear a mask.

Safety is Key

However, assuring other’s safety has been the most difficult point to get across to many people who refuse to wear a mask. Recently, in fact, during the National Finals Rodeo tensions rose. Hayworth said some rodeo fans who were in town even became antagonistic.  

I got told off and cursed out. There were people in the parking lot trying to call me out. In fact, our door frame got broken along with the hinges torn off, said Hayworth said.