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Best Gifts for Truck Drivers

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Making someone a gift is always complicated. What will they like? And what do they need? We always want to try to find some balance between the two, but sometimes you just run out of ideas for your gifts.

Lucky for you, if the person you are shopping for can’t conceive a life without four (or more) wheels and a long road ahead, here are some ideas that will make them take you on the next trip!


After all, the truck is a trucker’s office and, just like you like being comfy at work, they do too!

There are many kinds of seat cushions, from cheap to incredibly expensive and depending on the model, fabric, filling and personal likes as well. They even have heated seats, and some come with massage mode. We recommend doing some online research to find the best option for your special someone!


This might sound strange at first, but if you think about it, a trucker’s vehicle is also his or her home. Now imagine life without ever having a table! That sounds messy, doesn’t it?

We don’t know who the genius was who invented this wheel desk, but it sure is a great idea. The portable desk holds on to your wheel allowing the use of the driver’s seat to eat, write or hold your computer. Life on the road just got upgraded!


I’m sure we all have a USB port to charge the cell phone in the car, but did you know nowadays they make about everything to connect to your car lighter? And we mean everything!

If you are thinking about a gift that needs to be plugged, I’m sure you will find the portable version of it with a cigarette lighter charger. You can get anything from portable fans to even small ovens!


Ok, this one might not be very useful. But how cool is it to have a miniature model of your own truck?

There are many sellers that offer the prototypes of the most common truck models. But you can always take it a bit further and get one custom-made so it matches perfectly in detail your trucker’s most special possession!


This is another one of those things that seem made for Special Agents or Superheroes, but again, Truckers kind of are. Surely enough they will feel like Spiderman shedding rays of light from their hands with these super cool flashlight gloves.

You can find them in different colors and sizes. Make sure to get a quality flashlight so if anything happens on the road at night, your special someone will be ready to fix the issue in a matter of seconds!


Gifting someone a trashcan may seem a bit odd at first. But then you’ll realize how much trash a person can produce when they are confined in a small truck cabin for so many hours every day. Your trucker will most certainly thank you a million times for such a gift!

Since it is a gift, you can go a bit fancy and get a cool trashcan, so he or she will never forget.


A compass seems like a very last-century gift, but it is also a beautiful, symbolic object for a truck driver. Since Google Maps and GPSs have taken over road maps and compasses, it seems hard to even come across one of them these days. But you can still find some at specialized stores and at many antiquaries.

A compass is also a customizable gift since you can get anything engraved on it and you can even break it, so it will always point to a specific direction besides North!


This could sound a little bit corny but usually heartfelt gifts are the best. If you have a special relationship with that one trucker, you should definitely buy them a star. It has become a popular gift in recent years, and you can even choose to name the star.

If you give someone the gift of a star, they will carry it with them forever. And if they ever miss you, all they have to do is look through the window or their truck dashboard.


We love gifting experiences. That is what life is all about! If you do too, this is your chance to gift your trucker the experience of a lifetime.

Many different sellers offer many options to those who wish to gift a driving experience. The one we like best: exotic car racing. This gift will change the way anyone sees driving and it comes with an extra dose of adrenaline!


Finally, and if you are feeling generous, you can always spend a little bit more and get the ultimate gift for a truck driver: a dashcam! Finding a cheap one won’t be easy if you are looking for quality, but this is an incredible gift.

A dashcam will allow any trucker to record themselves or the road ahead and the new models can even be connected to your phone so you can even use it to FaceTime! If you want to help your trucker get evidence of all his or her trips, this is the ideal gift for you.

If you want to look for these gifts or search for more ideas, you can always check Amazon.

What did you think of these gifts? Do you think a trucker would like any of them? If you have any more ideas or suggestions for your fellow truck lovers, just leave them below in the comment’s section!