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Brokers and Carriers

carriers and brokers

So you want to have your vehicle shipped to another state. What are your first steps?  You need to find a reliable carrier or broker. So let’s find out what type of services each provide.


A carrier operates trucks. It can be an owner-operator who only schedules shipments through a broker. They directly handle the transport of your shipment. Carriers can range from owner-operators to large fleets. Carriers are more accurate in providing time frame estimates since they fully control the process. Additionally, they are fully responsible for lost or damaged items.


A broker’s job is to arrange transportation of your shipment. Brokers usually don’t possess their own trucks and drivers. Instead, they assign carrier companies within their networks to complete shipments at booked prices. It’s important to note that the shipment time frame provided by brokers are estimates only. Unlike carriers, they cannot fully control the scheduling process. Brokers can also verify the USDOT authority, federal licenses and cargo insurance of the carrier company transporting.

After booking a shipment with a broker, carriers and brokers should connect with each other to match and verify the details. The broker will directly contact you to once again the confirm the details. After the details are confirmed, the broker will start working with the carrier company to secure the safe transport of your shipment.

A broker is an expert in the industry and ensures that your vehicle is shipped by a legitimate carrier. However, it can be difficult to verify these things on your own.

Fort Worth Auto Transport is both a licensed carrier and a licensed broker. When scheduling a shipment, you can ensure the whole transportation is professionally managed with a reliable, national car shipping company.

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