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Can I Ship a Non-Running Car?

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Yes, of course you can with the right shipping company. Many auto transport companies, like Fort Worth Auto Transport, have the means to ship any kind of vehicle, no matter the size or condition. However, not all companies have the equipment, experience, and manpower. If you do plan on calling a shipping company, make sure you let them know that the car you want to ship doesn’t run. Furthermore, you need to be as specific as possible as to the current condition of your vehicle. Maybe your car doesn’t run because it was in an accident. Is there ground clearance issues or protruding panels? Perhaps it doesn’t run because there’s no engine and the car’s on blocks. With the right information your shipping company can ship a non-running car in any condition.

With the right information, you may even save yourself some money. For instance, if the car’s missing an engine but the car can still roll, brake, and steer, it may be cheaper to ship than you think. This is because the weight of the cost is significantly less without an engine. A general rule of thumb for shipping costs is that the lighter the car, the cheaper the cost. Also, if a car can still roll, brake, and steer, it’s actually still very easy to ship. If you can fix your car enough to let it still do these three things, you can save yourself a lot of money to ship a non-running car.

Things that may Prevent You from Shipping a Non-Running Car

However, there are some things that could prevent you from shipping the car altogether. For instance, you don’t have the keys. Most car shipping companies won’t even look twice at a car that doesn’t have keys. Even if the key doesn’t start the engine, it still unlocks the steering and allows you to place the car in neutral. Another issue that may result in a shipping company denying your shipment is if the car is inaccessible. Perhaps it’s in an overgrown field or a cluttered garage. The best thing to do in these cases is to test to see if it can still roll, steer, and brake. If you can push your vehicle to the curb, it should be good to go on a shipping trailer.

Another issue is if the car is in complete disarray. For instance, if it’s leaking fluids. The shipping company could deny your shipment. These leaks could cause damage to the other vehicles on the trailer. Therefore, any car that’s leaking oil is immediately a no-go for many shipping companies. Speaking of damaging others, loose parts are also a deal breaker for many shipping companies. For instance, if the body panels are falling off or the hood doesn’t even latch closed, a shipping company could deny your vehicle. This is because it may be difficult to strap your vehicle down and prevent it from flying off the road or into other vehicles.

We can help you, no matter your car’s condition!

However, if you can push your car to the street, fix up any leaking fluids, and make sure there aren’t any loose parts, you should be good to go. Send your non-running car to the car auction or your friend in Puerto Rico who works on cars. Wherever it needs to go, Fort Worth Auto Transport can help.

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