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COVID-19 Cases Nearly Triple in Schools in a Southern State

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COVID-19 cases in a Southern state in schools are totaling 51,000 students so far since they started tracking them on August 13. Moreover, that number is way up from the 18,000 that was recorded just two weeks ago. In fact, there are also more than 13,000 staff cases.

The question is what happens when the spread of COVID-19 gets out of control. Many Southern state schools think they are doing what they can to stop the spread of COVID on campus. There is a disturbing increase across the state over the past month. That is the latest information from its education agency.

COVID-19 is Wrecking Havoc on Schools

Through August 29, this data does include these numbers. Moreover, an update is available now. For example, in Fort Worth, there has been a surge of ill students and there are quarantines that led to the closure of a local Elementary school for 10 days. On Tuesday, those students could return to virtual learning for the time being.

Stopping the Spread Further

The district wants to do what it can to best stop the spread further. They have consulted with city and county doctors and sought their advice out.

In fact, the district did hold an emergency meeting on Friday to discuss the closure. Then to vote on the present mask mandate.

The district did vote that the mask mandate and safety protocols like contact tracing should stay in place. This was despite some opposition. Not everyone believes all this is necessary and life should go on like normal!

The district’s nursing director talked about the challenges they are facing which include reports of parents who they said are defiant. The board members listened to the nursing director as well probably taking into account what she is faced with daily navigating COVID-19.