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Crystal Mason has a Legal Team Seeking Review of Her Case

You are currently viewing Crystal Mason has a Legal Team Seeking Review of Her Case
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Crystal Mason, a Forth Worth woman, got a conviction and got a sentence to five years in prison for submitting a provisional ballot. It was not counted in the November 2016 election.

Crystal Mason and her Legal Group Want Justice

The highest criminal court in Texas to review her case. Moreover, the legal team of a Fort Worth woman is convicting of illegal voting.

Several Legal Parties Have Filed a Petition on Behalf on the Forth Worth Woman

A petition has been filing requesting the Court of Criminal Appeals to review the case of Crystal Mason. The American Civil Liberties Union of Texas, the National ACLU, the Texas Civil Rights Project, and criminal defense attorneys Alison Grinter and Kim Cole have filed this petition.

One of the Most Important Rights Cases in Modern Texas History

“This is one of the most important voting rights cases in modern Texas history,” said Andre Segura. Segura is a legal director for the ACLU of Texas, said.

Mason got a conviction and sentencing to five years in prison. Moreover, this was submitting a provisional ballot that was not counting in the November 2016 election. Mason did time behind bars for several months before she left prison this past spring to a halfway house.

Court of Appeals Denied Appeal for Crystal Mason

In March, a three-justice panel of the Court of Appeals for the Second District of Texas, denies an appeal for Mason. Yet they agree that she was not aware of the state considers her ineligible to vote, the ACLU said.

Crystal Mason Speaks Out With Pride and Confidence

Mason said in a statement this week that she is “more energized than ever before” and refuses “to be afraid.”

“I thought I was performing my civic duty and followed the election process by filling out a provisional ballot,” she said. “By trying to criminalize my actions, Texas has shown me the power of my voice.”

“I will use my voice to educate and empower others who are fighting for their right to vote,” she also said.