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Deborah Peoples Gets Closer To Becoming a City’s First Black Mayor

You are currently viewing Deborah Peoples Gets Closer To Becoming a City’s First Black Mayor
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Deborah Peoples, the Tarrant County Democratic Party chair, is going to advance to a runoff election against Republican Mattie Packer. In the past, she worked as the chief of staff for the outgoing mayor.

Deborah Peoples Triumphs Over Other Candidates Running

Peoples and opponent Parker beat out eight other candidates, with Peoples getting the most votes out of all 10 candidates in Forth Worth, Texas. These two women are offering different visions for the diverse city, with Peoples positioning herself as the unity candidate and promoting her decades of executive experience and a wide coalition of support. Peoples is running for mayor of Fort Worth in Texas.

Deborah Peoples and Her “One Fort Worth” Slogan

Moreover, according to her website, advocates “One Forth Worth.” It is looking out for all citizens. Not “only the wealthy and well-connected.” People do support more mental health care and school counseling. Peoples mentioned thus explaining the need for healthcare policy at the local level. However, she also stresses that Forth Worth is home to the zip code with the lowest life expectancy in the state. This, in itself, is a tragedy. Peoples has some lofty goals but she can achieve some of them. Let’s see what she brings to the table if and when voted in. That’s the litmus test.

Historically Black Area

People in the zip code 76104 which is a historically black area include 6,000 people that don’t have health insurance, according to reports. In fact, Peoples has incorporated some of these issues into her platform.

Anti-Establishment Versus Establishment Stance

Peoples wants to take on the Forth Worth establishment. Though her opponent has the support of the outgoing mayor and both the police and firefighter unions. Moreover, Peoples is supporting by the local and national organizations from the Tarrant County Central Labor Council to Higher Heights for America.

Fort Worth is scheduling to hold its runoff on June 5.