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Denton, TX

music festivals

Denton is a city in the country of Denton in the state of Texas. With its population of 113,383, it is the 27th most populous city in the state.

Denton is home to the university and has advantageous proximity near Dallas and Fort Worth. Hence, it is a leader in shaping the cultural face and identity of the region.

If you are an amateur of music festivals, you should add the city of Denton to your “must-see” list. Denton is known for its bubbling music life. The North Texas State Fair and Rodeo, Denton Arts and Jazz Festival, and 35 Denton Music Festival are the most popular musical events. These festivals attract over 300,000 people to the city each year.

During its festive seasons, city parks, clubs, and streets are filled with a great blend of music. These international events bring hundreds of bands from around the country.

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