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Drive-By Shooting Results in a Girl’s Critical Condition

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FORT WORTH, TEXAS – On Tuesday night, December 05, 2018, a drive-by shooting left a five-year-old girl near fatal condition in her home.
At approximately 9 P.M., the shooting occurred near the 3400 block of Wayland Drive. The incident in southwest Fort Worth was a half-mile from Interstate 20 McCart Avenue.
Someone driving past this family’s home shot one round towards it and hit an unidentified five-year-old girl. One particular bullet fired into the living room of the house where the girl happened to be sitting and struck her. And within fifteen minutes of the shooting, the victim’s brother called the police to report her injuries. Later, police stated that due to the specific trajectory and position of the girl her poor condition drastically worsened.
After the incident, the girl immediately transferred to the Cook’s Children Medical Center. The hospital quickly established the girl to be in critical condition.
Fortunately, there were several cameras near the front of this unsuspecting family’s home. Police state that there might be a chance at justice for this little girl.  Sadly, at this moment there is no description of the gunman or the vehicle.
Meanwhile, on Wednesday morning, the police spokesman, Todd Wadlington announced that the investigation will begin by the Fort Worth Department’s crimes against children unit as of today.
However, Fort Worth Texas has an unusually high crime rate. At 20% higher than the average city in Texas, and 35% higher than the nationwide average, the town doesn’t have a great representation of crime. Upset and worried by this girl’s condition the community hopes for justice.