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Driving in Fort Worth

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Fort Worth, Texas streets are easy to understand once you gain a little familiarity,
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Fort Worth roads can sometimes get a bit tricky to navigate and understand for people not used to the Texas roads. This is why we suggest reading our guide before taking to the streets of this city, so that you can get a better understanding of what it takes to be a driver here.

The Road Layout

The downtown area of Fort Worth is organized on a grid pattern. Once there and after a bit of time familiarizing yourself with the pattern, it does become fairly simple to understand. The major highways and interstates of the area only cross over one another rather than many back and forths, so navigating these large driving routes is actually quite easy.

Know the Fort Worth Parking Situations

While it is a big city, Fort Worth is safe from the big city plague of limited and expensive parking, It actually has a large amount of available parking, for a reasonable price. In many major places, parking is free in the evening. Before it is free, it is typically time-based prices, with hourly rates and daily maximums.

In addition to plentiful parking lots and garages, there are many parking meters available for street parking. Similarly, they have hourly based rates. If you plan to be someone parking at a meter, we suggest getting the Fort Worth Parking App. This makes for easy and convenient parking payment.

Prepare for Texas Weather

Fort Worth is of course in Texas which means it is home to the stereotypical Texas weather. This means that summers are incredibly muggy, humid, and hot. Oppositely, winter is cold and windy. Because Fort Worth has both extremes, weather can definitely affect your car at really any point in the year. Your car can overheat from overworking the cooling system or freeze from sitting in cold weather for too long.

With this said, aside from overusing the cooling system, you can also make sure the car’s condition is in order to make sure maintenance issues do not make the situation worse. For example, you will want to check if there are any engine leaks. Then confirm coolant is emptied and refilled. Lastly, we suggest checking to make sure your battery is in proper condition.