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E-Commerce Trucking The Effects

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The way we shop is changing. New technology is being introduced on a daily, and consumers are no longer tied down to the traditional methods of shopping. Instead, more and more consumers are shopping from the comfort of their homes. With e-commerce on the rise, in-person retail is decreasing, and the way goods and vehicles are being transported has shifted, thus effecting the trucking industry overall.

E-commerce has many effects on trucking.

But, how exactly is it changing? Here are just some of the ways e-commerce has impacted the industry as a whole:

  • The demand for truck drivers is much greater than it has ever been before.
  • The amount of intra-regional and last-mile truck trips have multiplied.
  • Because delivery speed is important, a need for faster and more cost-effective shipping options has forced retailers to expand their distribution networks.
  • Since truck drivers who fall under the 100 air-mile radius are not required to log their hours, drivers are taking advantage of these positions in order to operate under more relaxed rules.
  • Additionally, e-commerce has attracted new drivers to the field because of the shorter hauls and flexibility in hours. Thus, the driver retention rate has increased.
  • A focus on parking is now at the forefront. The lack of parking in urban areas has become an issue for many drivers who are faced with a lack of loading and unloading zones. Thus, making it difficult for drivers to complete their deliveries on time.  
  • Lastly, as the truck industry changes to contain cross channel selling, more drivers are leaning towards single-unit trucks.

In brief, when the economy is up, trucking industry rates increase. Has the growth of e-commerce impacted your business? If so, how? Leave your comments below.