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Grapevine, TX


Grapevine, Texas, located between Dallas and Fort Worth, is your go-to destination whenever you plan a vacation in North Texas! The city is approximately 22-24 miles from the downtown of Dallas and Fort Worth.

Your experience will be both educational and recreational. It will take you a while to explore the famous Historic Main Street. It is a well-preserved street full of 80-locally owned restaurants, winery tasting rooms, and art galleries. The Grapevine Vintage Railroad will take you the historic Nash Farm and Grapevine Mills.

The wide variety of recreational activities, as well as charming winery tasting spots, make Grapevine special. The city’s economy is evolved around tourism. Outstanding dining options, shopping centers, and international events are especially popular among the tourists.

Grapevine is also a great destination for various employers, among them being GameStop, Kubota Corp, etc.

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