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Grocers in a Southern State Feel They are Ready for Thanksgiving

You are currently viewing Grocers in a Southern State Feel They are Ready for Thanksgiving
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Grocers may have some challenges this Thanksgiving Day but they are ready to deal with come what may despite soaring inflation and limited stock. However, the shoppers in a Southern state and city are really finding the ingredients for a traditional Thanksgiving menu. That would include the centerpiece turkey. Though it may really require a few trips to more than one store.

Grocers and Shoppers in Texas

Walmart, Kroger, Target, and Albertsons in Texas are saying they are in good shape. However, walking up and down the aisles, shoppers will, in fact, see that some shelves are well-stocked. However, there are others that are very noticeably and, in fact, randomly thin or empty. It seems the stores are temporarily focused on what are called the thanksgiving trappings. These include the stuffing and chicken broth and cream of mushroom soup for the green bean casserole. Also, the fresh cranberries, frozen and refrigerated dinner rolls, and pumpkin pie filling.

Turkeys are in High Demand

Six-foot-tall pallets of turkeys are getting delivered and are really flying out the door quickly, according to Walmart. Moreover, across town, the freezer case was full this week. This was at Walmart in a local region at Butterballs. This was on sale for 98 cents a pound. Fresh turkeys are really priced at the same as last year for Amazon Prime members at Whole Foods. It is $1.99 a pound for whole turkeys. Organic birds are $2.99. At 87 cents a pound, Aidi has frozen Butterball turkeys.

The turkey shortages are not expected. This is according to the major grocers. Free turkeys which are a common promotion at this time of year are, in fact, back.

Free Birds and Free Turkey

With $100 purchases, Kroger is offering free birds or for 69 cents a pound with $25 purchases. Plus Tom Thumb and Albertsons offer a free turkey with a $100 purchase. Moreover, 35 cents a pound with purchases of $30.

In fact, the week does before families have eaten the meal, Albertsons and Tom Thumb spokeswoman Christy Lara said. “Therefore, we do believe we have very sufficient support to support the ad.”