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Hacking Your Tesla For More Power!

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Hacking and technology go hand-in-hand. For many large-scale tech companies, one of the largest problems that continue to persist is the problem of other people being smarter than they are.

It’s a cat and mouse game. A company puts out a new software update and instantly, someone will find a way to hack it. The company then recognizes this, creates a patch to fix the issue, and that person will try and find another way in. It’s just the way things work. You find something cool and want to take it apart. Then, as you become more skilled in it, you look for more challenges.

What happens when you take that into the newly emerging EV industry? With Tesla leading the way with a full-fledged line of EV’s, hacking one was only a matter of time.

Hacking Can Give You An Upgrade

Tesla offers three different packages for their cars. All of these are integrated into the system of the car before purchase. When you buy a Model 3, depending on the package, your car will be able to drive faster. You can upgrade each package no matter which Tesla you may purchase. It is already built into the car. With having all that power almost at your disposal, a third party company has created a plugin that will give you access to all functions no matter which package you buy.

Essentially, you can purchase the least costly version of a Tesla, spend less than you would on the next upgrade and viola – you have the most expensive package for the least cost possible.

Now, this doesn’t mean there are drawbacks. Like many third-party add-ons, it’s a “go at your own risk” type of situation. Tesla is currently working on a patch to fix the issue, but for many folks, they were interested in seeing what the fix is, and how they will get around it.