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Heavy Haulers: Keeping America’s Industries Working

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Heavy hauling is challenging, but we rise to the occasion!
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Fort Worth Auto Transport is proud to say that we do so much more than just regular car shipping. Our team handles vehicles of all sizes, from tiny motorcycles to massive pieces of construction equipment. The latter is one of our specialties, an example of how we set ourselves apart from the competition: we’re heavy haulers! But how do we handle these massive vehicles? We’ll tell you.

It All Starts With Equipment

The first thing that you need to know about heavy hauling is that it requires special equipment. Heavy haulers have to use special equipment for all sorts of things. They use things like forklifts to load and unload their massive loads. They have to make sure their loads are completely secure, so they use heavier-duty straps or even chains. And, they require special trailers. Depending on which dimensions their loads exceed, they may need to use standard flatbed trailers or more specialized trailers like lowboys. Heavy hauling teams like ours need to know how to use this equipment properly to secure and transport these loads safely.

Heavy Haulers Have to Be Extra Careful

The other major component of heavy hauling and how it differs from regular vehicle transport is the actual driving. The rules are different for heavy hauls than for regular loads. Whether the loads are extra tall or extremely heavy, drivers have to know what they’re doing. This starts with routing. Some routes that you can use for regular vehicle shipping can’t accommodate these loads, so heavy haul teams need to find routes that can work. Then, when they’re doing the actual heavy hauling itself, drivers need to be sure that they’re driving in a safe, manageable way. Often times, this will mean going slower than they’re used to and taking their time around turns.

Heavy hauling isn’t easy, so it’s best to make sure that you have experience on your side. Our team has worked in the heavy hauling industry since 2006, so you know we have all the tools we need to ship your oversized vehicle. With our team on your side, your heavy haul will go off without a hitch!