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How to Keep Car Shipping Costs Down

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Moving is expensive, even in the best of circumstances, car transport is no exception. While car shipping can save you money, especially in the long term, the up-front cost might be too much for some. Luckily, Fort Worth Auto Transport has a few pointers for you if you need to keep your car shipping costs as low as possible.

Choose open car transport.

Some of our customers choose to use enclosed carriers for their car shipments. Enclosed car transport is certainly the safest option for your car, but it’s also more expensive. If you want to save money on your move, then open car shipping is the way to go. Open car carriers are still secure, and they provide you with a more affordable option for shipping your vehicle.

Choose terminal-to-terminal.

The premium option for car shipping is door-to-door service, which picks your car up from your front door and hauls it to your new home. However, if you need to keep your costs down, terminal-to-terminal car shipping is a great choice. With terminal-to-terminal, you’ll need to bring your car to our local drop-off point. Then, when you get to your destination, you’ll need to come to our regional outpost there to pick it up. This saves our team time, and we pass on those savings to your bottom line.

Plan far ahead.

One aspect of car shipping that often gets overlooked is scheduling. It takes us a while to find you the right car carrier and route to get your car where it needs to go. As a result, we charge more for shipments with short turnarounds, as our team has to work overtime to get your car where it needs to be on time. If you want to cut back on these costs, then give us some time to plan your car shipment. With the extra time, we are also more likely to find the exact shipper for you. Therefore, you might not just be saving money; you might get even better service!