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How to Prepare Your Vehicle for Shipping

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Make sure to remove all external features, like antennae!
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At Fort Worth Auto Transport, we work hard for you. We guarantee 100% customer satisfaction and will make sure we get your vehicles to your destination in top condition! While we do all the hard work for you, there are some things that you can do before we pick your vehicle up, that can help make things go more smoothly.

What do you need to do?

  • Remove any and all valuable items from your vehicle, including add-ons, such as custom stereos, DVD players, front and rear cameras, dash cameras, etc. By doing this, you will eliminate the chances of theft and damage, as oftentimes thieves are enticed to break into a car when they see something of value through the window.
  • Wash your vehicle. While this may seem like a silly, unnecessary step to take, we highly recommend giving your car a little T.L.C. before you send it off for shipping. Having a freshly washed vehicle will help you to better inspect your vehicle against any scratches, paint chips, and discoloration so you will be able to compare accurately how your car looked before and after shipment.
  • Inspect your vehicle for any damage. If you see anything be sure to take a photo and mark it on the Bill of Lading (BOL).
  • Remove or secure any loose parts. For example, if you are a car radio listener and have an antenna, you will need to remove your antenna and put it in the trunk or keep it with you. Additionally, you need to fold in the vehicle’s mirrors.
  • Check the maintenance of your vehicle. We will ship your vehicle whether it is running or non-running. In any case, you need to report to us about the vehicle functionality (mileage and existing damage). If there are any mechanical issues (leakage, under-charged battery), it may slow down the shipping process. But do not worry, we will still ship it nonetheless, we just need to be notified of the state of the vehicle beforehand so we can best prepare to ship your vehicle.
  • Your gas tank should be no more and no less than approximately ¼ full. This is essential as your car will need enough gas for the driver to load and unload the vehicle but also not have too much gas to where it makes the load surpass government restrictions on weight for commercial shippers.
  • For your own vehicle’s safety, we recommend our drivers to have an extra set of keys. This is important as if any reason arises where the driver needs to get inside of your vehicle, they will be able to easily and safely do so.

By having your vehicle properly prepared for shipping, you will have a smooth and flawless shipping experience, especially when you ship your vehicle with Fort Worth Auto Transport!