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Hyundai Santa Cruz Choses to Provide Quality Comfort

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The Hyundai Santa Cruz, with its unique movement, clever headlights, and it has a truck bed making it unique on the outside. However, if you step inside, you will, in fact, discover, that it may not be as unique as the Ford Maverick’s cabin, the Santa Cruz can be very comfortable and fashionable. It fits within the realm of the upmarket environment.

Hyundai Santa Cruz – Luxurious Equipment

The Santa Cruz does come with a price: $41,100. Moreover, it is at top of the range with the Limited. That also means it comes with the 281-horsepower 2.5-liter turbo four-cylinder and all-wheel drive. It also has plenty of luxury equipment for that affluent price. Moreover, it does include a sunroof, large screens for instruments and infotainment, power leather seats with heating and ventilation. Plus heated steering wheel, dual-zone automatic climate control, adaptive cruise control, lane-centering, blind-spot monitoring, plus surround-view cameras, and more.

Stylish Design

Justifying the price tag is not just those features for the Limited. The proof is when you go inside the vehicle, it does make a strong first impression. Moreover, the dashboard is pretty much the same as what you would get in Tucson. It possesses a graceful, architectural design. There are two alcoves that are forming by the panels with silvery trim. They are describing as a waterfall down the center stack. It is canting toward the driver. However, these also have integrated air vents to clean up the look. Plus they are nestling in the driver’s alcove is a brilliant and crisp 10.25-inch instrument screen. It shows the analog-style dials and does present flexible animations that when switching between drive modes can change the dial design. The center stack features another acute 10.25-inch touchscreen infotainment. It is agreeable part of the stack versus just sitting on it.