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Irving, TX

 Irving, Texas

Irving is one of the main cities in Dallas County, Texas.  238.289 people used to live in Irving in  2016. The population of the city is pretty diverse. Different ethnic groups reside in Irving. But the largest ethnic group of 41 %  were of Hispanic or Latino origin.

With the population of 238.289, Irving is the thirteen most populous city in Texas. Irving was founded in 1903 by J. O. Schultz and Otis Brown.  Netta Barcus Brown, the wife of Otis Brown used to love the author named Washington Irving. That’s how the city got its name.

Irving continued its growth in the 20th century. When in  1956 the University of Dallas was founded,   a large number of students came to study here.

Irving was the city where one of the most famous teams in the National Football League (NFL) history, The Dallas Cowboys played. The league took place at Texas Stadium which used to seat over 65.000 spectators.

Unfortunately, the stadium got destroyed in 2010.  But, nowadays you can visit New stadium Dallas Cowboys nearby Arlington.

The city offers plenty of cultural and entertainment sites, such as the Irving Arts Center. It features two theatres, four galleries, and an outdoor sculpture garden.

As you see the city named after the literary author, has a bit of everything for people of a different tastes.

Regardless, what you are interested in, you will find a suitable activity for you.

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