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Is Enclosed Transport Worth It for You?

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Ship your car in an enclosed trailer for greater security.
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The standard car shipping service that we offer is open transport. With open transport, your car travels on the back of one of our, you guessed it, open trailers. However, some people choose to go for our enclosed transport, which gives their car a higher level of security. Are you unsure how to decide between enclosed and open shipping? Here’s how to choose the right transport service for your car.

Shipping in an Enclosed Trailer Ensures Your Car’s Condition

The reason that some car owners choose enclosed shipping is that they want to ensure their car is completely safe. Open trailers are great, but they have one key flaw: they leave your car open to the air while on the road. Anyone who drives knows that road conditions vary heavily, and you never know what’s going to be out there. With an enclosed trailer, your car will be protected from any road debris, rain, or other weather conditions that could cause harm to your car. While our open trailers are plenty safe, enclosed shipping gives you a greater level of safety.

Enclosed transport can keep exotic cars secure.

For expensive or exotic cars, our team typically recommends our enclosed services. Why? Besides the fact that these cars can be expensive to repair, enclosed trailers protect your car from other people. Unfortunately, when you ship a car across the country, there is a risk that your car could be stolen or vandalized. If you choose to ship a hot rod open to the world, opportunistic thieves may see it as an easy target. You can avoid this risk by protecting it in an enclosed trailer!

If You Have a Need for Speed, You Might Want Open Shipping Instead

While we think our enclosed transport service is exceptional, there are two major downsides to choosing it over open transport. The first is the time that it takes. Enclosed car carriers are rarer, making it harder to schedule them for an order. So, it might not be the best choice if you need your car ASAP. The other is the cost, which again is a function of the rarity of enclosed carriers. Both due to their scarcity and due to their reduced capacity (enclosed carriers can typically haul a maximum of around four cars), enclosed carriers are more expensive.

So, what’s the solution for those on a time or monetary budget?

It’s getting your car onto one of our open car transport carriers! Open transport is fast, reliable, and affordable, making it perfect for anyone who doesn’t want to deal with the hassle of scheduling an enclosed carrier. This is why open transport is the industry standard; it works perfectly for most car shipping orders.