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Kidnapper of 8-year-old girl pleads not guilty

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FORT WORTH, Texas – A 51-year-old man kidnapped an 8-year-old girl. Additionally, the kidnapping occurred last month.

Furthermore, the kidnapping happened in Fort Worth.

Officials identified the kidnapper as Michael Webb. Also, he pled not guilty at an arraignment hearing in federal court. This happened on Monday morning.

Additionally, he asked the judge for a new attorney. Initially, Mr. Webb planned to plead guilty. However, he changed his plea right before the arraignment hearing began.

Still, the federal grand jury indicted him. The indictment occurred on the same day as the hearing. The jury indicted Mr. Webb on one charge of kidnapping. Therefore, the case is going to trial.

Additionally, court records reveal that the trial will take place on July 29.

Prosecutors will argue for life in prison.

Officials say that the kidnapping happened on May 18. They report that the girl was walking with her mother when she was taken. Specifically, this was on 6th Avenue, in the 2900 block of Ryan Place.

Fortunately, police officers rescued her about eight hours later. Officials say that two unidentified samaritans called 911 after seeing the suspect’s car in a parking lot.

Officials report that the child was hidden inside of a hotel room. Interestingly, Sgt. Richardson Wolfe searched the hotel room earlier after a tip came in. But, he did not find the child. Then, the police department fired Wolfe.

At the hearing, the judge said to Webb, “you are not entitled to select your own attorney unless you can afford to hire one.”