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Lawmakers Election Legislation Gives all Voters ‘Same Access’

You are currently viewing Lawmakers Election Legislation Gives all Voters ‘Same Access’
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Lawmakers that are Republicans in the Lone Star State have been given support by Governor Greg Abbott for their effects to overhaul election rules during the legislative session. This would significantly change how urban areas of the state operate going forward at its polling places.

Lawmakers Briscoe Cain and Paul Bettencourt Spreaheading the Election Overhaul Rules

Governor Abbott appeared with State Representative Briscoe Cain and State Senator Paul Bettencourt during this legislative session. Cain and Bettencourt have been responsible for spearheading ‘election integrity’ efforts. It has been deemed an emergency item by the governor following the 2020 general election.

Legislation Would Instill a Free and Fair Election

The bills proposed to the legislature Abbott said would improve trust in a free and election. Thereby, root out election fraud. This is a Texas constitutional obligation.

Voter Fraud

Governor Abbott, despite the increased attention on election security, he was unaware of any Texas election in 2020 that was altering due to voter fraud.

“Any voter fraud that takes place sows seeds of distrust in the electoral process is what I can tell you is this,” Abbott said.

Lawmakers: Concept of Uniformity

In elections across the state, Republicans want to establish “a concept of uniformity.” This would make early voting hours the same across the state. In turn, would increase rural voters’ access to the polls. However, in handcuff urban areas like Harris County, who increased drive-through voting locations. Thus, establishing a 24-hour polling place.

“It can help Texans feel like they have the same opportunity as urban Texans. That makes its fair,” Cain said.

Bills Suppress Voters, say Voting Advocacy Groups

Voting advocacy groups like MOVE Texas and the Texas Civil Rights Project have strongly criticized the election bills. This is because they think the bills would suppress voters instead of increasing their access.

Democracy is the Right for Free

In the strongest terms, MOVE Texas condemns what they called the Governor’s blatant attempts to suppress the voices of eligible voters in our state. To cast their ballots in the upcoming elections, we must give Texans the tools and opportunities they need to cast their ballots,” the group said in a statement. The right for and fair elections is what our very Democracy is founding on that right. In the most convenient and secure way possible is what every voter would wish to exercise their sacred right to vote regardless of what Abbott, Biscoe Cain, and Paul Bettencourt think.”