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“If you Leave The House – Wear A Mask”

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Tarrant County TX – A renewal of mask ordinance has gone into effect throughout the county. The areas have experienced its second day of sharp increases in COVID-19 cases.

“In just the last two weeks we have seen a 52% increase in the number of cases,” said Tarrant County Judge Glen Whitley.

The overall goal is to reduce the spread of COVID-19. Texas, among other states such as Arizona and Florida have relaxed restrictions for businesses and the community. Unfortunately, these loose restrictions have seen a direct correlation to the drastic spikes in COVID-19 cases.

President of the American Medical Association, Susan R. Bailey had this to say:

“We’ve been following the science, and I think that’s important for everyone to understand. This needs to be about science and research, and not about emotion and politics.”

America – as opposed to other countries who have either flattened the curve or have gone down, is the worst hit country in the world. Where countries have been able to stabilize the spread, the US sticks to keeping businesses operating at the expense of the populace.

Government officials have a wide range of thoughts. From completely reopening and continuing the spread with and “every man for themselves” approach to slow openings for small businesses.

“If you Leave The House – Wear A Mask”

The results of relaxing or not taking the approach seriously is causing a spike in deaths across the US.

For Texas, Arizona, and Florida – the potential to be a new hot spot for the virus is showing certain signs. For starters, the increase in confirmed cases is a clear sign that reopening will be devastating to the public.

On the other hand, businesses need to operate to pay for rent and other assets of life. For many, they have been out of work for months and unable to feed their family or earn an income.

While shops are not allowed to open completely, steps are being taken to ensure public safety. Unfortunately, these steps have proven incapable of slowing the spread or naturally having anything beneficial to add other than to the increasing number of cases.