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Trump Sends 800,000 Masks To Truckers

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Masks have been in short supply since the COVID-19 pandemic took a foothold on American soil. For the men and women who fight on the front lines, they can see relief.

Masks Are A Hot Commodity

The current pandemic has been disastrous for the fight against Coronavirus. Wuhan, where the N95 mask is produced, was the epicenter for the virus. This had dire consequences as the rest of the world was cut off from receiving the proper care to help combat the issue.

Large scale panic-buying also added to the hit. With many of the more affluent people buying large quantities of supplies, it left the rest of the world to fend for itself. Much like a prison, trading cigarettes for masks became a thing.

Masks Were Denied To Drivers

The men and women who drive across the country to help support businesses and restock America have very little suppport. From closed rest areas to a severe lack of sanitation supplies. The drivers of America were fighting one of the hardest battles without any war gear.

Schools have opened up their doors to provide rest areas for drivers. For a time, the only thing helping drivers was the generosity of those who value what they do. From leaving prepaid gift cars at gas stations, to buying food for drivers, the populace stepped up much further than what the Trump administration has done.

Americas infrastructure was reliant on a thread.

Truck Drivers Face Harsh Conditions

From a lack of pay, to over extended hours of service, drivers are in the dirt. Now, with masks being delivered to drivers across the country, there is some hope that eyes are now on them. Being able to supply America is important. The work that truck drivers provide is bar-none one of the most important roles right now.