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Melania Trump Thanks Truckers: The First Lady Is For The Freights

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So, considering that Elaine Chao had to dip out of the Department of Transportation after the events of the past couple of weeks, things have been changing. How? Well, for starters, we’re just now hearing the First Lady speak. Four years is a little late, isn’t it? Nonetheless, Melania Trump went on national television to go ahead and bid farewell, as tomorrow, the new president is about to be inaugurated. In her departure speech, one of two speeches she’s probably made in her entire life, she went ahead and thanked truck drivers. It was surprisingly sincere! Who would’ve thought? Would you have? I’m not sure! I certainly was surprised. It actually was on Monday that she had the moxie, the wherewithal, the gall, to thank front-line workers, a little later than she should’ve.

Why Is Melania Trump Speaking Up Now?

There’s reason to believe that she was just too shy to say anything of merit before. Perhaps, she didn’t want to catch the virus. Or worse – catch feelings for President Donald Trump. That guy, by the way, has thanked truckers plenty of times. Almost to the point where it’s been nauseating. Well, everything he does is nauseating. Though, when it comes to recognizing truckers, at least that much is kindly of the orange – I mean, the man.

As you can tell, she doesn’t sound anything like you think she would. But I suppose she’s just trying to read the script as fast as she can before packing her bags and possibly dumping Trump like a doomed trailer.

Back in April, Trump was nice enough to host an event on the lawn of the White House, just to praise truckers for stocking grocery stores with freight. This is of course, in reference to the COVID-19 pandemic.

TL;DR: Melania Trump mentioned truck drivers as briefly as possible. Do the equivalent of blinking but with your ears and you’ll miss it.