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Military Deployment Auto Shipping Checklist

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We broke down the perfect deployment Auto Shipping checklist.
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When you get a PCS (Permanent Change of Station) order, it can cause immediate stress. Especially if you’ve been at your current base for a while. You may have purchased a car to help get around and make some runs into the closest town. Now, you’re going to have to move it. You can sell it, but that could take some time. Getting a good price on your car means hours of negotiations and taking the time to show the vehicle to prospective buyers. That’s not going to work when you’re on a plane to your next station. The best thing to do is to ship your car and follow a few key steps. This will save you time and money. Best of all, you’ll still have a car when you return. You can either take the time to sell it when you have the time, or continue driving it. If you think you need to store your car while you’re deployed, you’re going to need to ship your vehicle to the place you plan to store your vehicle. We broke down the perfect Military deployment Auto Shipping checklist.

Change your Car insurance after Deployment

Hurry up and wait. That’s the mantra for pretty much any branch of the military. While you’re waiting, you can certainly call your insurance provider. It’s best to talk to a real human rather than do this on the computer. This will make it easier, and they’ll be able to offer you better discounts. Obviously, don’t forget to ask about any military discounts. You won’t be able to remove your insurance entirely while you’re deployed, even though technically you won’t need it. What you can do is reduce your insurance to the absolute minimum. Just don’t forget to call them when you return, so you’re fully covered. 

Service your Vehicle Before Deployment

It’s not only the number of miles that deteriorates a vehicle; it’s also time. If you have a cracked hose, it could very well burst while in storage. The leaking hose could cause significant damage to your engine if you’re not careful. It’s best to take a thorough look at your vehicle before you put it away for any extended period of time.

Keep Important Documents Safe

Your registration and insurance information should always be with your car, and the glove box is a safe bet to keep them stored safely. However, your title may be best left with whoever you’re storing it with. If you’re leaving your car with your folks or a trusted friend, leave the title with them as well. This way, if they have to do anything on your behalf, they’ll have an easier time with the title nearby. If you need to leave it in a storage unit, give the title to someone who you trust in the event that you need to move your car out of storage while you’re deployed. 

Decide on the best storage option

There are hundreds of storage options for you to choose from. The best option is a family member or friend who really likes you and will let you keep it in their garage. If they don’t have a garage, a covered storage facility or storage unit can also work. Whatever you choose, make sure that it’s not exposed to the elements and is in a place that’s off the road. Even if your small street offers the perfect street parking without limitations, it’s best to avoid. You don’t want to see your car damaged when you return from deployment.

Copy your keys

We all know that plans are useless, but planning is indispensable. If you plan to leave your car at a trusted friend’s garage, but they need to move, you’re going to need to think fast. If you give them an extra key, they’ll be able to move your car easily and not have any problems.

Shipping Cars for Military Personnel

Now that you have the important parts done, you can do the easy part. Finding a quality car shipping company has never been easier. Fort Worth Auto Transport has provided the military community with all of their auto shipping needs for the past 16 years. They can transport your vehicle to any of the 50 states and Puerto Rico. They offer door-to-door transport, which means they can pick up and drop off at any address. Give them a call today for an instant quote. Don’t let your next PCS order cause you stress. Call Fort Worth Auto Transport today!