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Nissan GT-R T-Spec Comes With a Godzilla Green Interior

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Nissan has just dropped a new variant of its GT-R supercar. Though it is kind of late in the year to reveal a 2021 model. The T-Spec is a limited production variant of Godzilla. It is positioned above the GT-R Premium model. Moreover, it does come in a couple of throwback colors from the GT-R’s extensive history. As well as a green interior which is great.

Nissan T-Spec Upgrades

While the T-spec soldiers on with the same 565 horsepower, 467 lb-ft twin-turbo 3.6-liter V6 that the GT-R has had since its 2017 update, the car does feature several upgrades. This will set it apart from the standard GT-R. In fact, the front fenders are wider units last seen on the 2020 Track Edition. Behind them does lurk brake air guides. In addition, there are carbon-ceramic rotors from the hardcore GT-R Nismo. There is a carbon-fiber rear spoiler that rounds out the changes that would have any effect on performance.

On T-Spec cars, you will be able to identify them by their black hood ducts, color-matched mirrors, and Rays forged aluminum alloy 20-inches that are finished in a gold exclusive to T-spec cars. On the grille, rear, center console, and door sills, there are identifying badges.

The T-spec which is an homage to its predecessors comes in two colors that are not available on lesser GT-Rs, Midnight Purple and Millennium Jade. In fact, the former was introduced on the 1995-98 Skyline GT-R. It is known by its chassis code as the R33 generation. There are variations in the color. They were brought back twice for the following R34 generation. It was released as a limited edition each time.

On the other hand, Millenium Jade was exclusive to the 2022 Nur Edition cars. They were named after the Nuburgring where Nissan did test the GT-Rs. It held a long-standing production car lap record.

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