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Online Learning Taken to the Next Level at a Museum

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New Program Takes Curriculum to a New Level

Online Learning is part of a new program being launched at The Forth Worth Museum of Science and History.

Online Learning Virtual Classes for Little Scholars Program

As a result, children 1st through 5th graders can do their virtual classes from inside the exhibit hall is The Little Scholars program.

This is a creative example of how educational professionals are trying to find new ways to get kids to engage in learning during this strange time of the COVID-19 pandemic.

“Serving the community is key. The museum aids with that. The best way to serve it is using our facility to support them,” said Amber Shive, director of education at Fort Worth Museum of Science and History.

Scaling Back Education Outreach to Online Videos

Therefore, the museum had field trips but not since March. However, usually around this time of year, they have scaled their education outreach to just online videos. Moreover, this is while space was closed to the public for months.

Learning Looking Different for a Long Time to Come

With school starting back up this fall semester, Shive realized learning was going to look so much different for the undetermined future.

Half of the Students in Forth Worth Are Staying Virtual for a Semester

About half the students in Fort Worth ISD have decided to stay virtual for the semester at least. We are here to support them. Education, encouraging exploration, and inviting students to experience learning is what the museum is about, Shive explained.

Therefore, this is how the idea for the new program came about. Shive said a pilot program with just Fort Worth ISD students in October it went well.

Now, the Little Scholars program is expanding to take on several other school districts in the area.

The museum for now not open to the public Monday through Friday just for these students. It is open to the public on the weekends.

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