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Our History

Expertise and professionalism come with experience. Fort Worth Auto Transport has built its history through satisfying customer needs and delivering the best value.

The company started a s a simple family business with 2-3 people. Nevertheless, thanks to dedication and constant study of the auto transport industry, the company managed to report success. The number of returning customers increased which motivated us to expand our business to serve more.

Within a short period of time, the small team of individuals grew into a professional business comprising of various business units. Marketing, sales, business development, accounting, dispatchers! Our dedicated team of experts work hard to transform your auto shipping experience.

The company has collaborated with individuals and corporate clients. Shipping over 100,000 vehicles, Fort Worth Auto Transport has expanded its network and is now operating the best carriers.

The auto transport industry is developing, as well as the customer needs. The company is now working over cutting-edge technologies to shorten the response time and offer customized solutions to our customers.

Our Services

Regardless the type of the vehicle and its traveling route, we will ship your vehicle in a due and timely manner. Whether you are shipping a van, carrier, motorcycle or an exotic vehicle, we will offer you a solution that will make you feel safe. Our services include but are not limited to Open and Enclosed Car Transport, Exotic Car Shipping, Auction Car Shipping, Military Vehicle Equipment Shipping, Snowbird Transport Services.

Are you short of time? Do you need your vehicle to be shipped within a certain time frame? No problem. We will immediately respond to your request and take measures to deliver quality services.

Want to learn more? Contact our friendly agents at (817) 953-0956 to get expert advise and schedule the shipping process.

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