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Plano, TX


Plano is a city in North Texas,  twenty miles north of  Dallas. The city’s population made 269.776 by 2010. Therefore, it makes the ninth most populous city in the state of Texas and the 69th most populous in the country, relatively.

The city is considered to be the safest in the nation, according to magazine Forbes. Moreover, the city gained the reputation of one the most demanded cities to live in.

One of the most exciting facts about the city is that Plano is hosting the Balloon Festival every September. The festival has been one of the memorable events of the participants’ life for the last 30 years.

Plano city is very hospitable. It’s very comfortable for people with physical limitations. It is no surprise that the city ranked the 12th Best City for People with Disabilities.

Whether you are a lover of indoor activities or, on the contrary, an outdoor activity, you will find something to match your needs.

For the nature lover, it will be interesting to see the 500 years old tree residing in Bob Woodruff Park near Rowlett Creek.

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