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Privacy Policy

The following privacy policy applies to web page. The current statement applies only to information that is available on this website. Our guideline will help you learn more about our present privacy policy.

Data Collection  is the only owner of the information available on the website. We need certain information to provide our clients with trustworthy auto shipping services. We collect essential data to provide clients with a quote for their car transport. This information includes:

  • Contact information (email. phone number, address)
  • Shipping location details (the name of cities the vehicle needs to be transported to or from);
  • Information about the vehicle (the make, the model, the functionality and the year)

The above-mentioned data goes to Fort Worth Auto Transport supervisor’s email. It’s solely used to accurately calculate the cost of the transport. We neither keep this information nor share it. We are not eligible to hold or distribute it to any other third parties. Fort Worth Auto Transport promises the safety of the information that we collect through our website.

Billing Information

Fort Worth Auto Transport doesn’t collect any kind of billing information.

We do not need any financial information, such as credit card info, through our website. YOu cannot do any financial transactions through Customers’ payment data is only collected by email, fax and the phone for security issues.

Website Privacy

We respect the privacy of our customers. To prevent any unauthorized access and keep the security of our website up to date, we apply security programs. Our developers develop and implement security program to make sure that the security of is on the highest possible level.

Website Developing and Content Usage

Our team works hard to keep our website up to date and provide our customers with the timely information about our car shipping services and auto auto transport industry in general. Our team may change the content at any time without a notice to keep the accuracy of the information presented on the website.

We also have the right to revise our Privacy Policy and Terms & Conditions without any given notice. The use of information presented on the website without permission is prohibited.