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Pros and Cons of Open Transport

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Open Transport Trailers like these are faster and cheaper.
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Shipping a vehicle has never been easier. With so many carriers, options, and shipping trailers, there have also never been more options available either. When you need to ship your next vehicle, one of the options you will need to decide is between open and enclosed transport. This option refers to the type of trailer you want to ship your car on. An open transport trailer is the more common type of trailer. In fact, you’ve probably seen an open transport trailer on the road hauling anywhere between six and ten vehicles on a double decker trailer. There are tons of benefits to open transport trailers. It’s faster and cheaper than enclosed transport, but there are some cons to think about.


Over 90% of all transport trailers on the road today are open transport trailers. This added availability helps a lot of factors. One of the dirty little secrets of the auto shipping world is that prices are not set in stone. In fact, they fluctuate greatly based on a ton of different factors. One of the factors is that drivers want to keep their trailers full. This means that if a transport driver has a half-full trailer, they may quote a cheaper price to get your car on the trailer. With so many trailers on the road, ordering an open transport trailer is a buyer’s market. You can find much better deals than if you needed to find an enclosed transport trailer.

Money isn’t the only thing you’ll save with public transport. Open transport trailers are also much faster than enclosed transport. Granted, once your vehicle is on the trailer, it’s not going to drive any faster than any other trailer. However, booking a pickup date can be much quicker. Since there are so many more trailers available, you can surely find a transport trailer to pick up your car in a much faster time frame. In some cases, you may even get a trailer to pick up your car the very next day. That would be almost impossible with an enclosed transport trailer. With an open transport trailer, you’re not going to be waiting weeks for your car to get picked up.


Even though open transport trailers are faster and cheaper, there are some drawbacks. The drawbacks come from the very nature of the trailer itself. Open transport trailers leave your car on an open trailer that exposes your car to the elements. At the very least, you can almost guarantee that your car will arrive with a healthy layer of dirt on top. If your car needs to travel through harsh weather conditions, it could be subject to something worse than just dirt. This could cause some dings or scratches that you may need to address when your car arrives. Granted, any decent shipping company will have some sort of insurance to cover this, but it’s important to note. Also, it’s important to make sure that your shipping company has enough insurance to cover not just your vehicle, but every vehicle on the trailer.

Who Open Transport Trailers are Good For

For most people who want to save time and money, open transport trailers are a great option. After all, even new car dealers ship their cars on open transport trailers. For those with classic or exotic cars who want an added layer of protection and peace of mind, it may be best to use enclosed transport. If you’re still looking for a shipping company to help you with your next auto shipment, get an instant quote from Fort Worth Auto Transport or give them a call today. They have industry leading insurance right there inside the quote.