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Real Estate in Town Is Quickly Approaching a Slowdown in Prices

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In the past of COVID-ridden America, the market has been fluctuating in balance, due to the demands of buyers. But of course the market in real estate terms shows how there definitely has been enough inventory supply to meet the demands of buyers for an approximate amount of six months. Through the past few years, there has definitely been less than one month’s supply of inventory, which isn’t quite the best under the circumstances.

Under this type of pressure, buyers become frustrated and would look to quit the idea of purchasing a home if the inventory happens to be way too low or the selection insufficient enough to resonate with particular needs. Within May 2022, there was a whole month’s supply of inventory in Tarrant County. But gains had increased exponentially. The beginning of the recession is really a bit of a downwards path.

Real Estate is Real Stressful!

First of all the last housing recession was largely based on stupid and extremely risky loans. Lenders were giving money to people who didn’t have to prove they had any income, money to pay the loan or any sort of verification that they could do much more than breathe.

Loans were driven to the dumps by horrible credit scores. Plus, there were over 13 million Adjustable Rate Mortgages in 2007, whereas there are only around 2.5 million ARMs in the market currently.

In 2007, even in Texas, there was a false demand and heavy supply which caused the bubble to burst. Currently, there is high demand and low inventory which means there is no bubble.

One reason why foreclosures aren’t going to flood the market like in 2007 is that homes have increased in value so much that even if an owner doesn’t pay their loan for 30, 60, or 90 days.

Even if the value of their home drops from current values, they are still need to have a good amount of equity to be able to sell the home, repay their loan and still make money. That’s just how housing works in Fort Worth!

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