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Renters of an Apartment Damaged by a Winter Storm Now Have to Vacate

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Renters that were living at the Bellevue Chase Apartments in Forth Worth, Texas, were given notice to vacate while the complex undergoes extensive repairs.

People living in a Forth Worth apartment complex are struggling. This is more than a month after the winter storm that rocked the state.

Renters Don’t Know Where to Go Next

Including a single mom, this is what is happening to a few dozen renters. They don’t know where to go next. It’s a sad but knowing sight: a busted pipe from the February winter storm. There is another tenant in what is a tough predicament. Yet, this time, it has been more than a month after the freeze. At the Bellevue Chase Apartments in Forth Worth, QueManana Rone and her two children reside there. Rone and 33 others there have spent weeks with no water or no hot water. At this time, they have received notices to totally vacate within seven days. “Due to the storm, I actually lost my job. Even though my manager and my staffing did know what was going on with my apartment flooding and stuff. In fact, he had told me I was missing too many days, she said.

Renters in Apartments at Bellevue Are in Limbo

Moreover, all totally approximately 50 apartment dwellers at Bellevue Chase and at Vida Apartment Homes of Mira Monte are in a sudden lurch. This is according to the city of Forth Worth’s Neighborhood Services Department.

Certification, Assistance for Individuals

“Moreover, we are going to go on-site and try to do the certification for individuals. Then, let them know that there is assistance that is available, said Sonia Singleton. Singleton is with the Fort Worth Neighborhood Services.

To possibly qualify for short-term and long-range help, the city is trying to make people aware of it.

Community Action Partners

Community Action Partners is in the city of Fort Worth. “The program receives funds from the state of Texas. It helps people with moving their life forward. Then transition property into self-sufficiency. Moreover, be able to act when there’s an emergency like this,” Singleton explained.