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Restaurant Owner Defends His 9/11-Themed Bar

You are currently viewing Restaurant Owner Defends His 9/11-Themed Bar
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The restaurant owner is in hot water over his bar. It seems the bar is under some kind of scrutiny for a misguided tribute to the events and victims of the September 11th, 2001 terrorist attacks. They killed nearly 3,000 people.

Restaurant Owner Bar has Been Open since 2013

Based in Fort Worth, Texas, the 9/11-themed bar has been open and operational since 2013. A tweet by Jesse Tyler this past week has stirred up social media.

Many People don’t Know About 9/11

On September 11, 2001, the bar is attached to the Tex-Mex restaurant. “In fact, I opened my restaurant [Rio Mambo Tex Mex y Mas] on the most tragic day of my life,” Brent Johnson, the 62-year-old owner, said. It was a traffic day for our country on 9/11. Moreover, it was very somber and has become a sacred day for all of us.” Johnson also said he named the bar after 9/11 because of a statistic. Therefore, it claimed 80 percent of Americans had not heard of the day.

Is the 9/11 Themed Bar Tasteless?

Did Fort Worth residents find the bar tasteless? Many thought it was fine. There is a rush of new one-star reviews of the bar on Yelp were somewhat unfair because most of them were from people who hadn’t visited. In fact, it was probably only the third weirdest/worst 9/11 tribute in the state over the past few years. It included a mattress store’s “Twin Towers” sale. There was also a mattress store’s “Twin Towers” sale and then a cheerleading routine/tribute that was, in fact, made worse by one squad member that commented, “Fuck you, I’m going viral.”

It seems Twitter had a field day with the bar concept. Moreover, there doesn’t seem to be much in the bar beside the plaque (and the name) it ties directly to the tragic day. One suggestion is to keep the plaque, change the bar name and reassess that random 80 percent fact, which from our research seems completely made up.