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Retailers all Over the Region Urged to Remove Products From Russia

You are currently viewing Retailers all Over the Region Urged to Remove Products From Russia
Retailers in Texas Support Ukraine
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Retailers in Texas on Saturday were urging by Governor Greg Abbott to voluntarily remove all Russian products from their shelves. This would be in an act of solidarity with Ukraine.

Retailers – Texas Restaurant and Texas Package Stores Associations

Also, Abbott also said he made the request of members of the Texas Restaurant and Texas Package Stores associations, as well as all other retailers. “Texas did stand with Ukraine,” he did write.

Days, after the request came with Russia, did begin its assault on Ukraine in Europe’s largest ground offensive since World War II. On Saturday, Ukraine’s health minister included 198 people, also three children. They had been killing and more than 1,000 wounding.

Also, Abbott’s tweet was met with mixing reviews. There are some replies calling it “performative” and “pointless” that is because the products are going to already pay for.

Jason Villalba, CEO of the Texas Hispanic Policy Foundation and the Republican former state representative, that were quick to then thank Abbott for his efforts.

Villalba did tweet, “We must stand with our brothers and sisters in Ukraine.” “Every measure does help, especially those that impact the pocketbook.”

Restaurants are Ready to Support

Replacing Russian products on their own accord are some Texas restaurants. In fact, many others will be, in fact, likely to be on board with the action,” said Emily Williams Knight. She is the president and CEO of the Texas Restaurant Association.

Knight has said restaurants do just continue to stand up. “I am really humbled by how they have pulled together and how they are continuously showing their community here in Texas and also aborad when they are still clearly in their own crisis. That they are coming out of the impact of COVID-19.”

The association is in solidarity, Knight said, with Ukrainians. Moreover, Knight did tell restaurants it would support them. That is if they replace Russian imports of alcohol or food with alternatives.

Also, Knight did say the past few years have really been tough for restaurants. Yet, through it all, the group’s members do support others, whether it be an ice storm or the situation in Ukraine.