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Sanders Takes Lead In Texas Primary Polling

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In the latest University of Texas/Texas Tribune poll for the Democratic primary, Texans chose Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders over the rest of the field.

The poll finds Bernie making a 12 point improvement over results from the same poll last October. At 24 percent, he leads former frontrunner Joe Biden by 2 percentage points. In third, Senator Elizabeth Warren falls behind with 15 percent, and former New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg fills the fourth spot with 10 percent.

In spite of his recent performances in Iowa and New Hampshire, South Bend Mayor Pete Buttigieg does not occupy a top spot in the Texas poll. He sits in fifth with only 7 percent support.

The shifting field contributes to the change-up. Last fall, Texan Beto O’Rourke, who waged a strong, but ultimately unsuccessful campaign against incumbent Senator Ted Cruz, remained in the race. Bloomberg hadn’t yet entered with his massive advertising budget. The field was broader, and the candidates untested by early primary states.

Sanders In Strong Position

Now, in the run-up to Super Tuesday, Bernie Sanders holds the national lead, steadily building. With a popular vote win in Iowa and a decisive win in New Hampshire, Bernie’s momentum counters the narrative that cast him as an unlikely nominee against more moderate choices.

Polling in Texas and California, the two biggest Super Tuesday states, favors Sanders. While some contest that his performance comes only as a result of occupying a less crowded section of the party’s ideological spectrum, another poll exhibits evidence to the contrary.

A YouGov/Yahoo News poll pitting the other candidates against Sanders shows a preference for the self-described democratic socialist. He beats Biden by 4 points among Democratic voters, and Buttigieg by 17 points. Similarly, he beats Bloomberg by 15, and Senator Amy Klobuchar by 21.

His closest match up with Warren still shows a 2 point lead.

With Texas steering towards Bernie, the Super Tuesday results may signal his eventual plurality of delegates going into the Democratic Convention in July.