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Selecting the Right Shipping Style for You!

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Whether it is enclosed or open air, our shipping is always fast and efficient!
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When moving across the country or simply having your vehicle shipped for any reason means that you have some things to consider. What exactly do you have to consider you may be wondering? Well, you have to decide if you want to have your vehicle shipped with open or enclosed auto transportation! In order to make this decision, you mainly need to understand these two different shipping styles, think about your car and your preferences, and determine which style best aligns with your shipping wants! Let us help you with this first step and introduce these shipping styles to you!

First, we have open air auto transportation!

Right away we should tell you that open air auto transportation is our most popular auto shipping choice. Many consider it the perfect auto shipping option for the everyday car! It is available with us at a low cost guarantee! With this shipping style your vehicle is shipped using a truck and trailer combination in which the trailer has no side walls, merely a base that the vehicle gets secured to.

This means that your car is exposed to the open air of the outside world while in transit, meaning if it rains your car is hit by the rain, and any other natural elements. However, these are things that your car would be exposed to if you were to be driving it on the road yourself, so it does not mean your car is at any risk! However, if you want to avoid these types of situations for your car, you do have another option.

You can instead schedule an enclosed auto transportation service!

If you book with us for an enclosed auto transportation service, it does come at a higher cost than our open air, but it is a much lower cost than any other auto transportation service provider! With this shipping service, your vehicle is, as the title suggests, fully enclosed inside of a trailer! This means any sort of natural elements such as rain and wind are not going to directly touch your car while in transit. This shipping style is ideal for anyone with a luxury vehicle, such as a vintage model, sports car, or collectible, or someone who wants a little extra layer of protection for your car.