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Self-Isolation and Shipping Your Car

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Self-Isolation has taken effect across the country. With many staying home to avoid the spread of COVID-19, many have had to postpone events, cancel classes and shut down businesses. Unfortunately, this has gotten in the way of many who had plans to relocate to a new area. For many across the country, relocating to a new home is still on the agenda. You have shipped all of your belongings and now it’s just your family and your vehicles.

Don’t worry. We are still here to help! We have come up with a list of steps you can take to ensure your vehicle shows up where you need it to clean and in perfect shape!

Cleaning The Interior

One of the best ways to make sure your vehicle is safe is by keeping it clean. By using cleaning supplies like alcohol wipes, and standard surface cleaner, the most touched spots on the car should get the first attention. The steering wheel, shifter, and seatbelt always have hands touching them, so make sure those are cleaned first.

After that is clean, another important tip is to vacuum the car. From the seats to the carpets, a good scrubbing will help prevent the spread of germs from collecting. Dust, dirt and any other microbes can have an effect on your health, so why risk it?

There isn’t a spot on the car that is relatively untouched. This means that everything should be thoroughly cleaned.

Cleaning The Exterior

A good wash will always do a car justice. This isn’t just for sterilization but for noticing and imperfections in your car. From dings and dents to scratches and blemishes, you want to know how your car looks from the moment it is picked up to the moment it is dropped off.

Self-Isolation in Your New Home

Once you are all settled into your new home, you can relax knowing that everything is in order. Besides, having a car that looks and feels brand new is reassuring!

In times like these, we ask everyone traveling to be safe. Keep up with current sanitation standards and continue to keep calm.