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Self Isolation Tips For Van Life

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Right now, self isolation is key. With COVID-19 now dominating headlines and the way we live, many are not able to adhere to the same policies as others. For others, they have the potential to self isolate more effectively than those living in homes. For those in the middle of their converted school bus or van fantasies, this can be troublesome. Here are a few tips to help you through this time.

Self Isolation Means Isolate Yourselves

This tip isn’t specifically new for most travelers. The entire prospect is to be able to travel to secluded areas and live out the day in a travelers paradise. Many find camping areas or national parks to hunker down for a few days, gaze at the magnificent beauty and move to the next beautiful place. Self isolation is a standard for these types or travelers.

The best way to ride out this storm is to find an area that has a low populace while maintaining access to necessary stations. Food, water and hygiene and isolation are the main factors to look for when finding a spot to hunker down. Even if the spot is a few miles from the nearest town, it is good to have a good awareness of where you are and where places of emergency are located.

Make Sure Your Self Isolation Spot Is Legal

Many travelers find themselves in places where they shouldn’t be. Whether it be by mistake or you are taking the chance of getting caught for the perfect isolated spot, you don;t want the police knocking on your window in the middle of the night to tell you to “go home”. This doesn’t necessarily work considering your home is, well, literally where you are.

There are still plenty of areas that are accessible and available to those looking for a spot. Although these spots have limited themselves, there is plenty of open and available space. Like always, you need to be careful as to not end up on someones private property or in an area that is restricted to work personnel only.

Stock Up

Easier said than done due to the large amount of empty shelves currently facing the country. Perhaps driving a little further to get what you need is the best route. Your may need to drive an hour + in order to stock up on the necessary supplies, but in the end, you get to drive back to your beautifully isolated area and ride out the storm.

Having essentials like toilet paper, food, water and first aid are essential to anyone, travelers know this and they keep them close at hand. For food, sticking the the basic food pyramid each day will help you stay healthy and focused. Avoid most open fast food places (if they are open) and leave them for emergencies only.

For Most, These Tips Are Standard, For Others, This Is New

Many veteran van dwellers will give you as many tips and points as they can. The idea of living in a van is an experience, and for those who have done this for a while, they are full of every experience that you can think of.

For others just starting their journey during this time, it may be hard to condition yourselves. Fortunately, if you can make it through this stage in the game, then it should be pretty smooth sailing once this blows over. You’ll have the knowledge to weather any storm that comes ahead and you will have a pretty good head start on experience for further generations.