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Teachers to be Outsourced from Mexico to Improve Diversity

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Teachers will be recruited from Mexico who are bilingual for the Forth Worth ISD (Independent School District).
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Teachers from Forth Worth, Texas will be recruiting from Mexico who is bilingual for the Forth Worth ISD (Independent School District). Recently, the district hold a virtual informational job fair targeting teachers in Mexico City. Also, the district said it is looking for teachers who are certified or interested in becoming certified in bilingual elementary. As well as secondary Spanish for the upcoming 2022-2023 school year.

Teachers Event – Prospective Candidates

Prospective teachers at this event are going to inform them about the process of being certified in Texas. Plus an overview of the district and the city of Forth Worth.

“Actually, we are going to have to think outside of the box when it does come to our recruitment efforts,” Forth Worth ISD’s Chief Talent Officer Raul Pena said. “Also, if they are, in fact, motivating and then passionate about the teaching. We do want those prospective educators who reside in Mexico City to know FWISD is going to hire.”

Holding a valid teaching certification in Mexico is necessary for prospective educators. So that they can qualify for a Texas certification, the district has said.

There is a $5,000 elementary bilingual bonus. Additionally, a $4,000 stipend for bilingual elementary teachers. These are among some of the incentives for the new teachers. They will also receive a $2,000 early commitment bonus if they are hiring before April 1st.

Fort Worth ISD Teachers Quarantined due to COVID

In other related recent news regarding Fort Worth ISD Teachers, 50 of the district’s 5,000 teachers were quarantining due to COVID-19. This information comes from Michael Steinert. Steinert is the Fort Worth ISD Assistant Superintendent.

The district has had 300 COVID reports amongst all staff members since Monday. Plus, 300 COVID reports do include close-contact reports and COVID-19 positive cases. Moreover, not all of those staff members are quarantining, Steinert said.

“We are preparing to continue responding to it just like we do have,” Steinert said. “Though we do want it to be over.”

Continuing its COVID-19 safety measures of contact tracing, deep cleaning school building, and the buses daily. Moreover, what the district will do. This is what Steinert said. Also, students and staff will be encouraged to wear masks. As of now, makes are not mandatory at Fort Worth ISD.