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Texas Hit by Massive Storms Over the Weekend

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Some Texans saw hailstones as big as limes.
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This past Mother’s Day weekend, Texas was hit by massive storms that brought about abnormally large hailstones, flooding, and extreme wind. In Central Texas, some of the hail that fell, primarily on Mother’s Day was so large that severe damage was done to some vehicles. People turned to social media to share images of the hail they were seeing, with one Texan sharing an image of a side by side comparison of a lime and one hailstone that was equivalent in size. At the same time as this massive hailstorm, flash flood warnings were being issued to the area, and thunderstorms were on the horizon.

Many cars were left nearly irreparable due to the size of the hail hitting them.

Juliana Ruiz, a woman located in Central Texas, posted a picture of what happened to her car. The car’s windshield was obliterated, having several holes in the glass of a significant size where the hail struck. The non-glass pieces of the exterior of the car were also quite damaged, with dents and scratches. The hail seemed to fall for hours before it finally stopped, but the storming was not done there. The flash flood warnings were still in effect and the phrase “Remember – turn around, don’t drown” was being heavily promoted to ideally drive people to flee the high risk areas.

Continuing into this week, the storms are ongoing.

The National Weather Service said earlier this morning that there is still a high chance of strong wind gusts and hail. In Houston and its surrounding cities, experts predict that there will be wind gusts up to 40 miles per hour. They are stating that there is also a possibility for pea-sized hail. At this point, many are happy to hear about the smaller hail, given that they were so large just a few days ago. In addition, they are expecting continued rain and more possibilities for flooding. They are warning residents, especially commuters, to stay up to date and continue to check in. Being aware of the current weather conditions could be a matter of life and death at the moment, so the National Weather Service is pushing people to stay alert.