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Toyota Frontlander: Reworked Iteration of a Repurposed Corolla Cross?

You are currently viewing Toyota Frontlander: Reworked Iteration of a Repurposed Corolla Cross?
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Toyota offers the SUV Frontlander. Moreover, the brand is going to launching Frontlander in the Chinese market first, then followed by the launch in other international markets. It will be a global product from the brand. In fact, it will sit below the RAV4 in the company’s international line-up. Upon With a close examination, it is relatively easy to understand that the Frontlander is a repurposing Corolla Cross. The latter was revealed a few months ago. It is selling in the U.S. and selects South-East Asian markets.

Produced in collaboration with the Chinese automaker GAC is what Toyota is doing with Frontlander. Moreover, it will sit below the RAV4. It is sold in China as Crown Klugger under the Toyota and GAC’s joint venture. Moreover, the Chinese brand does sell the Highlander SUV as Wildlander in the Chinese market.

Toyota Frontlander – Reworked Iteration of the Corolla Cross

A reworked iteration of the Corolla Cross is the Frontlander. Moreover, it will feature an LHD layout. In fact, the Chinese arm of the Japanese carmaker is going to tweak the styling to make it look a bit different from the model it is based on. Thus expect the changes to include a new radiator grille, also revised bumpers, redesigned headlamps and tail lamps, and new alloy wheels. The Frontlander, with these changes on board, will possess some differentiation from the U.S.- and Thailand-spec Corolla Cross.

Moreover, under the skin, it will remain changed for the most part. In fact, Toyota’s TNGA modular platform is doing its duties here. It will underpin a bunch of other products that are a part of Toyota’s global lineup. The Frontlander is thought to get a 1.8L petrol motor under the hood with electric assistance from a hybrid setup for improving performance and fuel consumption figures. The AWD layout is more than likely to remain standard on most variants.