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Truck Load Boards: Pros and Cons

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Truck load boards, commonly known as freight boards allows shippers and freight brokers to post loads online. Furthermore, the platform also links shippers and carriers together, so they can arrange transport of freight. In most cases, start-up trucking companies benefit a great deal from truckload boards as it helps get their business moving. Additionally, it makes it easier for truck drivers to find loads. However, it also has its cons, too. Let’s take a look at the advantages and disadvantages of truckload boards.

The Pros of Using Load Boards 

Thanks to advanced technology, it has become a lot simpler to match truckers and freight. Moreover, with this platform, drivers, shippers, brokers, and third parties have more options to find trucks or loads. In addition:

  • Truckload boards are easy to navigate and always updated.
  • Generally, load boards are free or inexpensive to use.
  • Also, you can access these boards through a mobile device, scheduling your next load with ease.
  • Not to mention, it’s a great way for shippers to move overflow freight quickly.

 Top Truck Load Board Websites

  • – the premier truckload freight market in the country.
  • – connects shippers and freight brokers online.
  • – offers a better way for truckers to find loads.
  • – software specifically designed with truckers and shipping companies in mind.

The Pros of Using Load Boards

Conversely, if drivers aren’t securing lucrative loads, then using this platform is a waste of time, and money. Additionally, the market is full of competition. However, apart from this:

  • Working with a broker also means that they will take a share of the profits.
  • Also, instead of building relationships with companies, truckers pull loads for many different businesses and brokers.
  • Truckers could end up with a shipper or a broker who can’t pay.
  • Sometimes the payout is slow, which in turn limits your cash flow.

In brief, if your business is booming, then it’s best to use truckload boards as a fallback. It is ideal to network and builds relationships with other shippers.

Got any other truckload boards pros and cons to share? Comment below.