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Millennials Make More Money for Truckers!

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Truckers are now delivering directly to people’s doorsteps! Fortunately, now that online ordering is consistently getting utilized, truckers are sometimes making home deliveries and cashing in.

People are making use of e-commerce. Therefore, this offers delivery riches for truck drivers. Such an array of shipment was rare ten yeas ago. But today, people are ordering rather large or bulky items online. Even a few years ago, people would purchase large goods from local shops or department stores with specific delivery teams. Truckers are capitalizing on this.

Trucking companies are now making assumptions about displacing local buyers.

Just recently, J.B. Hunt agreed to pay over 100 million dollars for a New Jersey company that solely delivers large appliances. The company was called Cory 1st Choice Home Delivery. This delivery system has 12 warehouses and uses more than 1,000 independent contractors in the US alone. In 2018, these delivery companies rounded up to a worth of $8.9 billion.

This is also a great development for shippers. USPS and Fed-Ex can displace some of their shipments to these big item specific companies. Meanwhile, speeding up their own delivery process.

These “last-mile” deliveries have displayed a rapid growth rate and will continue to grow as young people are becoming more reliant on e-commerce. As those who are supporting the growth, grow older, they will typically buy bigger and more expensive products. This will cause the industry to continue rapidly growing further.

People enjoy the tangible e-commerce experience. Tracking shipments and ordering online will become quicker and easier since internet is becoming necessary in most homes.

Thus, since there is so much growth, some people are becoming dejected by the quickness of everything. Are you ready for the sudden change in the market?