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Volkswagen Has A Robot That Can Charge The EVs For You

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Volkswagen is back with an all-new concoction. Something truly out of this world. An invention to end all inventing… Well, not really. But it’s close enough with charging capabilities. Volkswagen Group Components created a moveable EV charging bot that can boost your vehicle to life in an instant!

VWGC CEO Thomas Schmall believes that “[Volkswagen is] developing solutions to help avoid costly stand-alone measures. The mobile charging robot and our flexible quick-charging station are just two of these solutions.”

What Volkswagen has done thus far is provide a portfolio that covers the customers needs while also maintaining a purposeful coverage of electric vehicles.

Volkswagen News | December 27th, 2020

Pretty nifty right? Now if only Volkswagen had a release date on this prototype. Alas, the automaker has mentioned that the future of this machine will be “comprehensively further developed.”

As of current, the charging robot prototype will be powered by an app launched by the vehicle owner or simply car-to-x communication. When beginning the communication, the mobile charger starts up — with two robotic eyes opening from a cyber-slumber — and the robot steers near a vehicle. The mobile charger then reveals a charging socket flap and connects/disconnects the plug. How revolutionary is that technology? When the robot connects, it’s able to still move around until an energy storage unit is tapped into. From there, the robot can collect and return to a central charging station.

Which Volkswagen Cars Will Work With This EV Charger?

Which Volkswagen vehicles will be most compatible? My guess is anything from the ID. line. This, of course, includes the BUZZ, CROZZ, VIZZION, BUGGY and ROOMZZ. But who knows which other Volkswagen vehicles will step in line for the charge of it’s battery life?

Whatever happens, VW is sure gearing its future to fulfill the status as “The People’s Car,” despite a cantankerous past.